Getting Into the Right Mindset before Working Out

How do you persuade yourself to run five miles first thing in the morning? Working out requires discipline, planning, and dedication. But how do you cultivate the right mindset to exercise while remaining focused?

Working Out With A Friend

At first you may find it difficult to find the motivation to go to the gym or doing some laps around the block. But having a friend to workout beside you will do wonders for your mindset. If your friend is a good friend, he/she will ensure that you go to the gym instead of making excuses for not going.

Having a gym buddy is also an excellent way to push yourself while feeling less stressed. Researchers discovered that people who exercised with someone they thought was fitter than them exercised twice as hard and as long.

Establish a Reasonable Goal

Before you set a goal, please visit a doctor or physician to provide guidance on what are some realistic goals for your body at your age. Having a realistic goal will not only be achievable but will give you that boost of motivation to reach out even further. Having an unrealistic goal will just hurt your confidence and make working out miserable for you.

Recording your Food Intake

Aside from focusing on the physical workout, it's also critical to keep track of what you eat. According to a study, people who kept a food diary lost 50% more weight than those who did not. This is similar to money. If you aren’t keeping track of your spending habits, you won’t know where your money is going. In this case, if you are trying to lose weight, you aren’t aware of how much you are eating so it will be hard to track progression.


Being consistent and having a routine will be the most important thing. Don't overlook the value of writing your workout into your weekly calendar or planner. Creating a visual representation of your weekly goals allows you to track your progress and hold yourself accountable if you fall behind. Ensuring that you follow up on the days you are scheduled to workout will get you in the right mindset to keep working out.