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My gorgeous range

Great product and it’s recommendable! I loved it

Mont Alpi Fridge Module Cover - COVCAB-R/L
Mont Alpi cover

I am completely satisfied with PrimeFair service. Not so much with the product itself though - but that has nothing to do with the seller, rather it’s a manufacturer decision to have cover without side piece. So, basically you are getting just one piece of cover that goes front-top-back only and doesn’t cover side of a cabinet.

ILVE 36 Inch Nostalgie Series Freestanding Single Oven Dual Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners and Griddle (UPN90FDM)
Kelley Sullivan
Looks great!

The stove looks great in my kitchen. I have only used it once so far, but it seems very solid with great features. PrimeFair service was exemplary.

Works well for 1800 sq foot house in New Mexico

Very happy with this heat pump! the 3 ton seems like it will work perfectly for our 1800 sq foot house in New Mexico at 6400ft. Our summer highs aren't usually over the mid 90's and winter lows rarely get below 20. Since it's almost summer, we haven't had the chance to really test out the heat other than to check that it works. When tested, the cooling portion works very well in the mid 80's in the afternoon to cool the house down to 72 quite easily, though we usually don't set it that cold. It did come with some minor shipping damage: a dent at the top edge maybe a foot wide and pushed in maybe four inches. We just bent it mostly back into shape and it appears to have had no effect on the internal mechanisms. It should save us a significant amount over our propane furnace and even be more efficient than the pellet stove at $7 per bag.

Looks good

Just received the unit 2days ago looks good but not installed yet

Really happy with it but, didn't get the dust cover for the top as per the directions or grid sent email a week ago haven't heard back if this one needs that or not.

wonderful buy

This is the first range I've ever purchased. This is a fantastic purchase. In addition to being stylish, its dual fuel range is also incredibly effective. This stove is one that I adore. I'm hoping to keep this range for a while.

Energy Star certified

I just bought a stainless steel Forte 24 inch dishwasher (F24DWS250SS). The dishwasher has a clean, contemporary style that perfectly matches my kitchen and is highly effective. It is simple to use, includes 6 programs, a turbo drying fan system, and a delay start that make washing and drying dishes a breeze. Additionally, it is Energy Star certified, so I am confident that I am using a green and energy-efficient appliance. I'm really happy with my purchase all around, and I heartily suggest this dishwasher to anyone searching for a trustworthy, fashionable appliance.

ZLINE Black Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood - BS655N
William Z.
Great Qualities

The Zline hood is simple to use. Low noise levels and simple filter removal make it ideal for cleaning. It has four speeds and the perfect amount of brightness. Another top-notch item from Zline.

stove works very well

This stove performs admirably. The service will walk you through how to do it over the phone, but I had to go through and modify the burners for LP. They actually called me a few days before it was delivered so I could have their direct number, which really impressed me. If you've never used a professional grade range before, this stove will take some getting used to. Similar to burners, if you wish to adjust the flame to a low setting, you must first turn it on before gradually turning it toward the off position.

has a lot of features

The Fire Magic kegerator is a superb item. It has a number of features that make it simple to use, looks nice, and is made to last. My purchase has made me very delighted.

Outstanding Item

Exactly one year ago, I bought this barbecue. I use it all year long. It looks nearly as wonderful now as it did when I first bought it as it stands on my balcony outside. I've never replaced anything other than the ignition switch. It was a fantastic investment.

matches our other new appliances

Between the burners and various oven configurations, our new Ilve range has a ton of features and options. The design of this line is excellent. We adore the cooktop surface, and it perfectly complements our other new appliances. I think I got a decent value for my money.

ZLINE DuraSnow Stainless Steel Range Hood with Blue Gloss Shell - 8654BG
James K.
bit loud

Cooks' foreheads can be smacked by too-low corners, and it's also a little noisy.


My barbecue was purchased two years ago. The ash tray had to be replaced because we use it so frequently, but it was cheap and well worth it. I am a huge fan of my grill.

ZLINE Outdoor Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel - 667-304
Michael R.
outdoor approved

As it was certified for outdoor use, I bought it. The lights are at the back of the appliance, though, and the grill cover prevents any use from being made of them. This is probably true for the majority of grills. Thoughtfully wrapped, nevertheless. The hood arrived in excellent condition despite the fact that the packaging box was destroyed. A small mounting template with hole locations and an electrical rough-in diagram with dimensions would improve the instructions. If the lights were moved to the front for grilling, the outdoor hood would be fantastic for the price.

You won't regret this buy!!

My expectations were exceeded by the Blaze package! It was delivered earlier than I anticipated and undamaged. I appreciate the way the vendor and the courier handled my order. The burners produce an even heat as the propane gas heats up quickly. Additionally, it has a stylish and contemporary design that everyone will adore. Very Recommendable

ZLINE Outdoor Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel - 667-304
Oliver H.
price was great

This hood is lovely. In our recently renovated kitchen, we believe it looks wonderful. The cost was excellent as well. We've only encountered two problems so far. One of them is that whenever our electricity flickers or goes out, we have to climb up into the attic and disconnect everything to make it work again. Additionally, using the buttons can be challenging at times.

Mont Alpi Single Fridge Module in Black Stainless Steel - MASFM-BSS
Stanley M.
extremely impressed

Since I've been using the fridge for more than a few months, I must state that I'm really pleased with both its appearance and overall function. In my outdoor kitchen, it looks fantastic and has proven durable every day. According to the reports, it is also extremely spacious. I'm really pleased with my purchase all around, and I heartily endorse this refrigerator to others.

great addition

This new Dual Fuel range is fantastic. My kitchen is a much better place for it, and all of my recipes work well with it. The front left burner quickly boils water, and the other burners are all functioning properly. The convection option on an oven is fantastic. Everything that has been made for me has been gorgeous.

Performs well

After a week, it appears to be functioning as expected so far.

Fake reviews

These reviews look to be fake and make up by imaginary people..


Gorgeous-looking stove. Additionally, they provide courteous customer service. Thanks