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PrimeFair was founded so that customers can conveniently have a one-stop-shop to for modern specialty retail brand products. We believe in prime and simple & partner with manufacturers across the USA with the widest selection of items from rowing machines, to saunas; we have it all!

With a dedicated sales and support team to help with all types of inquiries, we believe that your shopping experience deserves to be streamlined and simple. So don't worry. We have your back with a live chat support or you can always give us a call from 9am-5pm EST and our team will be there to assist you with your needs.

We understand how frustrating it can be going to large online retailers because they might not have the exact answers you are looking for or dedicated customer service.

Here at Primefair, we pride ourselves in our customer support team. We want to give you the power to create that are just right for you. Whether it is home design to sports equipment, we want to make your life sweet and simple with unparalleled selection. 

Simply chat with us anytime with our live chat option or you can give us an email or call us. 

Have A Question?

If for any reason you still have any additional questions that we did not answer, you can contact us or email us at support@primefair.com or call us at 888-957-2243.

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